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500-Series Chorus

“Both review models worked superbly on a whole mix and while the difference between the Classic and Extra versions is subtle, it becomes more obvious on louder, bass-heavy material. Indeed, the Extra would be an affordable means of adding subtle analogue mojo to an otherwise clean-sounding chain. The BAX2020 is an impressive debut product from Pope Audio and is well worth auditioning."


Neil Rogers | Sound On Sound

February 2021 BAX2020 Review

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The Baxandall equalizer is a simple shelving EQ, but unlike traditional shelving EQs a Baxandall exhibits a gently rising slope for a more natural sound with lower phase distortion.

All BAX 2020 models feature an 'API-style' Discreet Op-amp, with each variation offering a different configuration of either Gar2520 or Avedis 1122 input DOA. There is then the option of another Gar2520 or Avedis 1122 on the output driving into a 2623 transformer ("Extra" & "Beast" models only).


Add transparent, top-end sparkle to a mix or stem, gently roll off unwanted 'muddiness' on complex acoustic instruments or drive the input harder for subtle harmonic overtones. 

"The EQ is so versatile , it complements so many instruments and can really sweeten a mix or stem."



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