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PRE-BX 500-Series Preamp

The Pre BX is an all analogue Class A/B microphone preamplifier with character and versatility at the forefront of its design ethos. It features transformer-balanced high-gain mic/instrument I/O, integrated BAX EQ for subtle sculpting of tones, and a clean, intuitive interface for ease of operation.


Sculpt Your Sound

Uniquely, The PRE-BX employs an integrated Baxandall EQ with both high-end and low-ends controls independently adjustable via the dual-concentric pot. Whether adding remarkably natural-sounding top-end sparkle to acoustic instruments or darkening harsher sounding program material it is perfect for honing the perfect tone at the source. A 1:1/3:1 output attenuator switch allows the Carnhill Transformer to be driven for added character and saturation on bass-heavy material, alongside controls for phase switching, Mic/Hi-Z front input selector and +48v Phantom power for condenser microphones.


  • High Gain Mic preamp

  • Integrated Baxandall EQ

  • Fully analogue path

  • Phase Switch

  • Transformer-balanced I/O with 3:1 optional attenuator

  • Alternative front-panel mic/hi-Z input

  • Hand-built in the UK


"The Dirty C is arguably the best-sounding chorus that I’ve heard; the effect always becomes a part of the sound rather than seeming to have been ‘stuck on’ to the source"


- Neil Rogers | Sound On Sound

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