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Dirty-DC Desktop Chorus Module

Authentic recreation of the original Roland RE-501 Chorus in desktop format featuring a fully analog signal path and balanced I/O


Designed for the Modern Studio

The Pope Audio Dirty-DC is essentially the Dirty-C in a standalone desktop unit. It features the exact same circuit/sound and controls with an external 24 VDC power supply. Utilizing an original BBD MN-3007 chip, (the same chip used in the original RE-501 chorus), the Dirty-DC perfectly replicates the lush, lo-fi sound of the original, albeit in a much smaller (and more affordable) package. It features pseudo-stereo L&R outputs like the RE501 (really a full wet against a full dry).


An instrument output allows you to use the Dirty-DC in a guitar pedal chain. Use as a reamp output if the balanced line input is chosen. It also features a footswitch input for “IN/OUT” control and an expression pedal input for the modulation Speed control.


Utilising an original BBD MN-3007 chip - the same chip used in the original RE-501 chorus - the Dirty-C perfectly replicates the lush, characterful sound of the original, albeit in a much smaller package.

  • Same circuitry as the Dirty C in a convenient desktop format

  • Genuine Bucket Brigade MN-3007 chip as used in original RE-501 Chorus

  • Fully analog path

  • Fully balanced I/O

  • Hand-built in the UK


"The Dirty C is arguably the best-sounding chorus that I’ve heard; the effect always becomes a part of the sound rather than seeming to have been ‘stuck on’ to the source"


- Neil Rogers | Sound On Sound

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