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BAX 2020 500-Series EQ

Based on a classic Baxandall circuit, the BAX2020 is a straightforward shelving EQ that sounds great on just about anything. Whether cleaning up a source, adding the finishing polish to your mix or driving the input for some subtle low-end saturation, the BAX2020 is more versatile than it might first appear.


Ahead of the Curve

Sometimes, keeping things simple is best, and there are few signal processors more straightforward than a Baxandall EQ. 


Developed in the early 1950s by pioneering audio/electronics engineer Peter Baxandall, a "Bax" EQ exhibits a gently rising (or falling) curve for a more natural sound with lower phase distortion compared to that of a traditional shelving EQ.


By including the combination of a Class A/B Discrete Op-Amp (DOA) on the input, alongside an output transformer (Extra & Beast models only), the BAX2020 is capable of producing desirable harmonic saturation when driven at the input stage.


The result is a beautifully musical EQ that can be used in any number of ways, from adding smooth top-end sparkle to mixes, introducing subtle analogue “drive” on bass-heavy sources or simply cleaning up unwanted low-end mud on stems.


All Pope Audio BAX 2020 models feature an “API-style” Discrete Op-amp, with different configurations of either Gar2520 or Avedis 1122 input DOA available. There is then the option of another 2520 or 1122 DOA on the output stage driving into a 2623 transformer should more colouration be desired. 

  • Fully analogue signal path

  • True Bypass

  • Fully balanced I/O

  • Optional DOA/Output Transformer configurations *Read More

  • Hand-built in the UK


"Love Adam’s EQs, they’re so good we’ve got 4! Great for bringing excitement and weight to the drum bus."


- Tom Rowlands | The Chemical Brothers

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