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BAX 2020R

The new BAX2020R is a dual channel Baxandall EQ, featuring the same configuration as the flagship Beast version of the BAX2020 500 Series module. Furthermore, an additional 20kHz/40kHz switch is present on both channels, allowing users to adjust the high shelf for a more subtle, "airy" tonal balance.


A Cut (or Boost) Above

The Bax2020R is a rack-mountable 19” stereo/dual mono version of the “Beast” BAX2020 500 series model. It combines an Avedis 1122 opamp input, with an Avedis 1122 opamp also driving the transformer output. An additional 20k/40k switch adjusts the “HI” frequency point up to 40KHz from the original 20KHz. This results in a more subtle, ‘airy’ top-end – well-suited (but not limited) to mastering purposes. 


The result is a beautifully musical and simple EQ that can be used in any number of ways; from adding smooth top-end sparkle to mixes, introducing subtle analogue “drive” on bass-heavy sources or simply cleaning up unwanted low-end mud on stems.


  • Fully analogue signal path

  • Avedis 1122 Input and Output DOA

  • 2623 Transformer Balanced Output

  • 20kHz/40kHz switch

  • Additional 6dB of headroom compared to 500 Series

  • Fully balanced I/O

  • Hand-built in the UK


"Love Adam’s EQs, they’re so good we’ve got 4! Great for bringing excitement and weight to the drum bus."


- Tom Rowlands | The Chemical Brothers

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